OGS Mahjong 2: Demo 2

Вт 02 октября 2018 ru


We are glad to announce the release of the second demonstration of OGS Mahjong 2. The purposes of this release were to refine our development techniques and build a solid cross-platform foundation.


Run the latest version of OGS Mahjong 2 in your web browser: http://ogstudio.github.io/ogs-mahjong

You are encouraged to run the game with seed parameter like this: http://ogstudio.github.io/ogs-mahjong?seed=0

This allows you to play the same layout each time you launch the game.

Each seed uniquely identifies the placement of tiles. Thus, different seeds give you a different experience.

Development techniques and foundation

During the second demonstration development, we switched from standard development to example-driven one. This resulted in the creation of three distinct repositories to back the development of OGS Mahjong 2:

  • OpenSceneGraph cross-platform examples repository provides cross-platform foundation like resource handling, render window setup, etc.
  • OGS Mahjong components repository provides Mahjong specific functionality like parsing layout, matching tiles, etc.
  • OGS Mahjong repository contains snapshots of OGS Mahjong components features that comprise specific game version. E.g., Demo 2 version is almost identical to 05.ColorfulStatus example of OGS Mahjong components.

Beyond Mahjong solitaire

In addition to seed parameter, you can let the game use remote layout hosted at GitHub: http://ogstudio.github.io/ogs-mahjong?seed=0&layout=github://OGStudio/ogs-mahjong-components/data/cat.layout

Utilizing remote resources is an extremely powerful approach allowing anyone to create a layout of his/her choice and see the layout in action instantly.

Our next step is to turn game logic into a resource, too.

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