OGS Mahjong

OGS Mahjong is a simple mahjong solitaire and shisen-sho game with nice 3D graphics and relaxing soundtrack.


  • 3 game modes: Mahjong Solitaire, Shisen-sho and Shisen-sho with gravity.
  • More than 150 layouts. Layouts format is compatible with KMahjongg.
  • Support for multiple tilesets.
  • 4 themes: “Classic”, “Neo-classic”, “Flowers”, “Distros”.
  • Support for background scenes.
  • 3 scenes: “Room”, “Room Lite” and “Inside the computer”.
  • Save and load.
  • Hints and shuffle.
  • Unlimited number of undos.
  • Camera animations and dynamic camera (cursor tracking).
  • Layers highlighting.
  • 6 languages: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish and Hindi.
  • Online leaderboard.
  • Adapting the game settings to your computer configuration during the first game launch.

OGS Mahjong 1.0 promo trailer.

Get the game

If you like our work, you can support us by buying the Deluxe version. It will help us pay for the site and, maybe, hire some freelance artists to make our future games a bit better.
In OGS Mahjong Deluxe you can find high resolution textures for the Room Scene and two additional high resolution tilesets: “Eastern” and “Sport”. The Xmas tileset is also in high resolution. Also, we’ll give the Deluxe version to anyone who donates us 5$ or more via paypal or helps the project by joining our team.

Free version

Apt repository for Debian, Ubuntu and Mint

APT-line: deb http://packages.opengamestudio.org stable ogs
GPG-key: http://packages.opengamestudio.org/opengamestudio.key
apt-get install ogs-mahjong

Additional music
apt-get install ogs-mahjong-music-addon

Layout editor and Tileset builder
apt-get install ogs-mahjong-tools

Game with editors and additional music
apt-get install ogs-mahjong-full

Gentoo overlay

If you’re using a Gentoo Linux, you can use our Gentoo overlay.

Source code

Source code (tar.bz2) (512 KB)

Linux dependencies

To run the game on various Linux distributions, you need to install additional packages first.

  • Fedora: freeimage, libXaw, openal-soft
  • openSUSE: openal-soft libpcreposix0 libfreeimage3 (http://en.opensuse.org/Games)
  • Mageia: libfreeimage3
  • Arch: openal freeimage libvorbis xdg-utils glut
  • Slackware: openal freeimage
  • Other: usually you need to install glut freeimage openal pcre.

Editors require PyQt4