The year of lessons

Вс 31 декабря 2017 ru


So, the year 2017 is approaching its finale, the year's results have already been summed up. We're going to take a break from igniting the fireworks or preparation of the champagne so that we can designate our goal for the following year.

As it may be clear from other articles on the site, half of our plans in 2017 were destined to be completed at least approximately as we assumed. The other half was changed significantly.

During the year, people joined the team and left it. As a result, we meet the end of the year with exactly the same team as 365 days ago. It made us think. A lot. But We'll save the story for another time.

There will be exactly one goal for 2018. We will take all the results, and then we will make a new mahjong game. We're already know how to make a mahjong solitaire so we will begin with it. This time, it will be cross-platform. We will definitely try to cover Windows, Linux, macOs, Web, and Android. We can't promis anything about the iOS right now (although we'll see what we can do).

There is no point in writing more than We want to say. We learned a lot for this year, and we will try to apply all this knowledge to achieve more in the next one. We wish everyone a Happy New Year. Stay tuned.

The Opensource Game Studio Team.

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