"Rolling ball" live session videos and downloads

Ср 10 февраля 2016 ru

Since we held 2 live sessions to create "Rolling ball" game, here are 2 YouTube videos of the process:

"Rolling ball" game for Linux (Debian based), OS X (10.9+), Windows is available at SourceForge. Simply unpack it and launch the run script.

Editor 0.8 is available at SourceForge, too.

"Rolling ball" project for the Editor is available at GitHub.

To open it in the Editor:

  • replace slideDown.ogs with rollingBall.ogs you downloaded
  • rename rollingBall.ogs to slideDown.ogs

Since live session took us so long, we decided to concentrate on polishing. Editor already has a lot of features, but their use is inconvenient. We will fix major obstacles for the next Editor release.

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