New issue tracker and wiki

Since the beginning of our work on OGS Mahjong, we were using Google Code Issue Tracker as our main tasktracker and Wiki-engine. We can say, that it is a well-done and usable service, but the further development of our project demands for significant changes, so we have decided to switch to another tasktracker.
After carefully examine the alternatives, we’ve chosen the MantisBT. Also, with the new tracker, we’ve got a full-functional Wiki, which we’re going to fill with usefull and interesting information.
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A little demonstration of the actions system in MJIN2

You can see the source code here

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OGS Mahjong 1.1 is ready

Finaly, all tasks we planned to do are completed, and we’re ready to release the new version of OGS Mahjong. We’ve already posted the list of changes earlier:
  • Online leaderboard
  • Hindi translation (thanks to Abhijeet Pokhriyal)
Also, we’ve fixed some crashes in linux version.

As far as we can say, this is the last release of OGS Mahjong 1. We decided, that this is the best time for us to stop all work on this game. Right now, we’re working hard to bring you OGS Mahjong 2 and Shuan as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it can’t be very soon.

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The release candidate of the new OGS Mahjong version

The release candidate of the new OGS Mahjong version is now available.
As the previous, this version’s main feature is the online scoreboard.
Unfortunately, the only participants of the previous test were ourselves.
If you’re interested in new version of OGS Mahjong, we’re asking you to take your part in this testing and fill the empty scoreboard with your results.
All game results from the last test has been deleted, but we will not clear the board after this one. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your results.

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Online rating. Next OGS Mahjong version testing

It’s been a while since we shared news with you. It’s not because we had nothing to say, we simply didn’t have time for it.
Currently, we are working actively on the OGS Mahjong 2 and soon we’ll tell you a lot about it . Right now, we’ll tell you about the latest improvements of the current OGS Mahjong.
First of all, we’ve fixed most of the known problems with running OGS Mahjong under Linux.
Also, the game will receive a Hindi translation (thanks to Abhijeet Pokhriyal).
The main feature of the new version is online rating. Now, OGS Mahjong player will be able not only to store his results locally, but also share them with the world. You can try it out already. The statistics server is up and running and we invite you to test it.

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Any problems with linux-version?

I have to ask any of you, who can’t start the linux version of the game (no matter deluxe or free), to send us a letter to with the following info:
  1. What Linux distribution are you using?
  2. Is it a 32bit or a 64bit distribution?
  3. Are you using the standalone version or starting the game with Desura client?
  4. Attach the ~/.OGStudio/Mahjong/log.html file to the letter.
  5. Attach the ~/.OGStudio/Mahjong/game.cfg file to the letter (if it exists).
We’re going to release the 1.0.2 version soon, and we want to solve the problems you encountered.
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Can you tell us about youself?

Hello everybody!
Since the release of OGS Mahjong 1.0, almost 5 months ago, the game was downloaded more than 6,000 times by users from around the world, and every day the number of downloads increases by 20-30.
Unfortunately, we know very little about our users. Do you like our game? Are still you playing it? How do you want us to improve it? Our goal is to please you with the further development of the OGS Mahjong as well as the new interesting projects. So, we’re offering you to help us to fix this lack of knowledge by taking a small survey. It’s anonymous, we will not know about you more than you want to tell us. After taking the survey you will get a code. Save it. When we will complete our research, you will be able to use it to receive a gift from us (we will post the details separately).
Take the survey
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We’re moving articles to the blogs section

We decided to change the way we store articles, so from now on, you can find all old and new articles in the blogs section.
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The new golden age of a game development

We’re standing at the beginning of the time, which I would call a new “golden age” for the game developers. Many of you can remember the days when current videogame genres were just forming, when games were developed by those who love them for those who play them, when publishers weren’t afraid to invest in new ideas. It wasn’t very long ago, just about 15-20 years, but the gaming industry has changed very significantly. New technologies were developed, the audience became larger and more mature. Video game market has grown, and with it – risk management and a fair share of caution (which some call the “cowardice”) in the decisions of the major market players. Game development has become more expensive, and the games themselves became more expensive for consumers. The result is a dead end. Expensive games made with proven patterns without new ideas. The only way to compete between them – strengthening the “wow effect” with technology and amount of content. It leads to the further increase of the development price. But also, it frustrates the gamers.
Recently, many respected publications wrote that the game industry has come to a standstill. They note a decline in sales of games and gaming hardware, and conclude that the videogame industry is slowly dying. But they are wrong. Industry feels great. Only the old model of doing business is dying.
And right now we are seeing what can be called a search for a new model. The convergence of several factors made ??this possible:
  • increased competition between platforms (chess game between PC and consoles faced an arrogant invasion of “checkers” in the face of iOS and Android);
  • the emergence of technologies available to developers, allowing to make the modern game without vast investments in the development from scratch (if you would said to any professional game developer 10 years ago that the Unreal Engine can be used for a nominal fee of $100 and a percentage of the profits – you would have been ridiculed);
  • and the growth of digital distribution services (some experts says that more than 50% of videogames on the PC is purchased using a digital distribution).
These three factors are the basis of the indie-games breakthrough, that we’re seeing now. This process is strongly supported by several large companies (eg, Valve and their project Greenlight). The appearance of “fresh blood” in the form of indie games also benefits the the so called “big games”, showing publishers that new ideas can be worthy of some economic risks.
What will it lead to? Hard to say. As the story develops in a spiral, we can assume that this time will not last too long. The gaming industry will find a new “dominant model” (or several), and this model will determine how the game industry will look like in the next decade. And in this search, I see a great opportunity for the Open Source community to show themselves.
The technical level of open source libraries for game development is growing significantly every year. Not long ago, they evolved only thanks to commercial projects, decided to open it’s source code, but now you can see how open technologies are used in successful commercial games (Ogre3D graphics engine used in a Torchlight series, Bullet physics engine used in the famous GTA and Red Dead Redemption).
I think the Open Source community can make it even better. By going together with indie developers, by supporting the “big players” on the market, and perhaps even on it’s own.
If you look closely – there are many unoccupied niches. Would you like to develop the tools? Please – many good game engines are in need of a convenient tools. Are you dreaming of creating some new cool technology? The entire gaming industry’s dreaming about the procedural generation of high quality content. Maybe, you would like to make the simple but addictive game? The history has created a lot of ready-to-play mechanics for you. If interested, try to find a way to play online in the classic mahjong (meaning the game for 4 players, not solitaire) – neither online gaming sites, nor large online casinos can give you this opportunity (this is one of the reasons why we have decided to continue development of OGS Mahjong in this direction, we originally planned to discontinue the development of mahjong after finishing our work on version 1.0).
And these are just several examples. In fact, there are many more. So, what would you like to do?
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GPG Key for our APT repository

From now on, all the deb-files in our APT-repository will be signed with the gpg-key, so you can always be sure that you downloaded deb-files that were actually created by us. To verify the signature of our deb-files, you will need to add our key by using this command:
apt-key add opengamestudio.key
If you use Synaptic instead of the command line, you can add the key in the “Authentication” tab of the “Software Sources” window.
You can download our key here:
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