Can you tell us about youself?

Hello everybody!
Since the release of OGS Mahjong 1.0, almost 5 months ago, the game was downloaded more than 6,000 times by users from around the world, and every day the number of downloads increases by 20-30.
Unfortunately, we know very little about our users. Do you like our game? Are still you playing it? How do you want us to improve it? Our goal is to please you with the further development of the OGS Mahjong as well as the new interesting projects. So, we’re offering you to help us to fix this lack of knowledge by taking a small survey. It’s anonymous, we will not know about you more than you want to tell us. After taking the survey you will get a code. Save it. When we will complete our research, you will be able to use it to receive a gift from us (we will post the details separately).
Take the survey
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