Gentoo overlay

We are pleased to inform you that we have made an overlay for Gentoo Linux, and now the users of the system can install OGS Mahjong the usual way.
If you’re using a Layman to manage your overlays, open the Layman configuration file(/etc/layman/layman.conf) find the line
and add this line after it:
Then run following commands:
layman -f
layman -a opengamestudio-overlay
After that, you’ll be able to install the OGS Mahjong with this command:
emerge ogs-mahjong
To install the layout editor or additional music, you can set musicaddon and editor USE-flags (they are off by default).
And one more thing, with unstable cegui-0.7.7 the game doesn’t start. Use stable cegui-0.7.6.
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