Enemies, explosions, MacOS version and the true mahjong.

In the week that has passed since the release, OGS Mahjong was downloaded almost 2000 times. Can’t say that it is very much, but for us it is a highscore.
Thank you. The fact that our work is in demand, encourages us to work further.
We decided that it is time to share with you our plans for the future.
So, in the future, the Opensource Game Studio team will work on two projects at once.
The first project – arcade shooter in a sci-fi style. We have received many snide comments that our game lacks shooting and enemies, so we decided to fill the gap and make the game entirely about shooting the enemies.
The second project is OGS Mahjong 2. In the second version, we’re planning to expand the game modes list with classic Chinese Mahjong for 4 players (some of them can be replaced with AI, but don’t expect too much from it), also we are planning to add the ability to change the rules of the game by using scripts. In addition, we want to support MacOS, and, if possible, iOS and Android.
It may seem that splitting our attention on two projects is a bad thing to do, but we made this decision consciously and we’re considering it as a right step on the way to our goal – the creation of a simple and convenient tool for game development.
We aren’t ready to give you any dates neither for OGS Mahjong 2, nor for an arcade shooter. We are devoting our spare time to these projects, and each of us has his own life: work, family and friends. However, you can help us to do it sooner by supporting us (for example, by purchasing the deluxe-version), or you can join our team and work with us, or can just tell your friends about our project.

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We will certainly keep you informed about the progress. Stay tuned.
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За неделю, которая прошла с момента релиза, OGS Mahjong был скачан почти 2000 раз. Нельзя сказать что это очень много, но для нас это рекорд. Спасибо
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