OGS Mahjong 1.0 is here!

So, the time for OGS Mahjong 1.0 release has finally come. For the last several months we have been polishing the gameplay and fixing bugs. Since it’s mostly a bugfix-release, we didn’t add many new features.


If you use our deb-repository, you can update your game with the command
apt-get update ogs-mahjong
If you are using Desura, you can update the game through your desura-client.
Everyone else can download the game using the folowing links.
  • Starting, finishing, pause and unpause camera animations.
  • A lot of fixes to increase the game stability.
  • Totally new Help and Tutorial interfaces.
  • The game now asks the user whether he likes or dislikes the dynamic camera.
  • New tilesets: “Flowers” and “Neo-Classic”.
  • The old “Cube” background has been removed. “Room Lite” and “Inside the computer” backgrounds were added.
  • Thanks to Miguel de Dios, the game now has the spanish translation.
  • Added a button to access statistics screen from the win and loss screens.
  • A bug with incorrect tile selection was fixed.
  • Mode and difficulty filters were added to statistics screen.
  • Autodetection of video settings during the first start has been slightly improved.
  • Layout editor has been improved.

Download 1.0 version

If you are using Desura, you can install or update the game with your desura-client.

Desura Digital Distribution

The users of Ubuntu, Debian and Mint linux distributions can use our repository:

deb http://packages.opengamestudio.org stable ogs
apt-get install ogs-mahjong
apt-get install ogs-mahjong-full

Everyone else can download the game using the folowing links.
Feel free to download and play the game. Leave your comments on our forum.
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