OGS Mahjong ebuilds

We have prepared the set of ebuild-scripts for building the OGS Mahjong in Gentoo Linux based systems.
Ebuild for the freeimage library was taken from the Gamerlay overlay. It should be noted that the CEGUI-0.7.6 is also present in Gamerlay, but it’s forcibly builds the CEGUI without the support of OGRE. For this reason, we have provided our own ebuild for CEGUI-0.7.6.
We’re asking the users of Gentoo Linux to test these ebuild scripts and to share their comments with us.


Game itself

Additional music

Required when installing the game with “musicaddon” USE flag or can be installed manually.
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13 February 2012 at 14:18 #783


Мы подготовили ebuild-скрипты для сборки OGS Mahjong в системах семейства Gentoo Linux. Ebuild для библиотеки freeimage взят из оверлея Gamerlay. След
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