OGS Mahjong 0.9 is ready

We have reached the next stage on the way to the cherished version 1.0. We’re releasing the OGS Mahjong 0.9, and we’re calling this version our first release candidate. All features that we wanted to see implemented in this game has been done. Of course, we need to fix some bugs, polish the game and add some new features requested by players. But overall, we’re getting to the finish line and soon we’ll be ready to finish the development of this game and move on to the next project.
But this will happen in the spring. And now – the work continues.


In OGS Mahjong 0.9, we’re offering you
  • Completely new environment for the playfield (thanks to Anton Chernoff for the room model).
  • Support for shaders in materials of tiles and scene.
  • The possibility to select the environment and the tileset separatly.
  • Support for kmahjongg-1.1 layout format with non-standard sizes.
  • A new, more user-friendly game settings interface.
  • Dynamic language switching. French localization (thanks to Thierry Delaunay for the translation).
  • Installer for the version for Windows.
  • The layout editor with support for kmahjongg-1.1 format.
  • Three new music tracks in the additional music archive (one from Kevin MacLeod and two from JewelBeat.com).
  • And a lot of bugfixes.

Dowbload links

The users of Ubuntu, Debian and Mint linux distributions can use our repository:

deb http://packages.opengamestudio.org stable ogs
apt-get install ogs-mahjong

You can additionally install:

apt-get install ogs-mahjong-layout-editor
apt-get install ogs-mahjong-music-addon

Feel free to download and play the game. Leave your comments on our forum.
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31 January 2012 at 2:56 #674


Достигнута очередная ступенька на пути к заветной цифре 1.0. Мы объявляем о выходе OGS Mahjong 0.9 и считаем что данную версию можно с чистой совестью
[See the full post at: OGS Mahjong 0.9 готов|OGS Mahjong 0.9 is ready]

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