Desura no more, hello Humble Bundle Widget

After the recent bankruptcy of Desura’s parent company, we decided, that we need a new place for our Deluxe version. Something better, more modern and more trustworthy. We have chosen the Humble Widget, with wich you can buy the deluxe version of the game without leaving our site. Here it is:

We haven’t received a single penny from Desura (due to the minimal cache out limitations), but if you bought the deluxe version from them and experiencing any problems with downloading it (right now we see no problems with that), send us a letter, tell your name on Desura, we’ll figure something out.
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23 July 2015 at 1:01 #2086


[lang_ru]После недавнего банкротства владельца компании Desura, мы пришли к выводу что нам необходима новая площадка для распространения Deluxe-версии
[See the full post at: Прощай, Desura :(|Desura no more 🙁]

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