The release candidate of the new OGS Mahjong version

The release candidate of the new OGS Mahjong version is now available.
As the previous, this version’s main feature is the online scoreboard.
Unfortunately, the only participants of the previous test were ourselves.
If you’re interested in new version of OGS Mahjong, we’re asking you to take your part in this testing and fill the empty scoreboard with your results.
All game results from the last test has been deleted, but we will not clear the board after this one. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your results.

In order to do it, you’ll need to take two steps. First, register on the statistics website.
Second, download the unstable verstion of the game:
The users of Ubuntu, Debian and Mint linux distributions can use our unstable repository:

APT-line: deb unstable ogs

apt-get install ogs-mahjong

After installing and launching the game, open the settings menu, go to the “Game” tab and enable the online mode, then enter your username and password. After that, the game uploads you results to the statistics server each time you play. You can view it on the website and inside the game.
If you don’t want to use online rating, simply disable the online mode and the game will continue to keep your results locally, as it was before.
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