Editor 0.6.0

Вс 28 июня 2015 ru

We completed Editor 0.6.0. You can see 0.6.0 in action here.

Editor 0.6.0 got the following new features:

  1. Camera and light node positioning
  2. Node rotation along X axis
  3. Node scripting support
  4. Thumbnail dialog to preview models when editing scene node model properties
  5. Node copying and pasting
  6. Node selection by LMB click in the scene
  7. Window geometry and state restoration after restart

We don't have 0.7.0 completion date at the moment, because we decided to take some time to set up a roadmap for Shuan and Mahjong 2. Once done, we will share 0.7.0 completion date and its feature list along with the roadmap.

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