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In this article, we take another look at 2015-2016 live sessions' format and introduce a new showcase format for 2017.

2015 and 2016: live sessions.

As you know, we use live sessions to show the state of our technology and create a small functional game from scratch. We have conducted four live sessions in the past year, which gave birth to the following small games:

Created game Live session date
1 Whac-a-mole November 2015
2 Rolling ball February 2016
3 Domino May 2016
4 Mahjong Solitaire September 2016

We spent four months to prepare for these live sessions. It has been an extremely useful experience for us. However, 2017 will have only 2 live sessions. Why? We want to spend more time on actual development!

2017: live sessions + technical previews.

Starting next year, we will be doing technical previews twice a year. A technical preview is another way to show the state of our technology, but without creating new games and conducting live sessions.

Here's an approximate schedule of technical previews and live sessions for 2017:

Month Showcase type Topic
1 January Technical preview Android platform support
2 April Live session Android game creation
3 July Technical preview To be announced
4 October Live session To be announced

That's it for taking another look at 2015-2016 live sessions' format and introducing the new showcase format for 2017.

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