Desura no more :(

After the recent bankruptcy of Desura’s parent company, we decided, that we need a new place for our Deluxe version. Something better, more modern and more trustworthy. We have chosen the Humble Widget, with wich you can buy the deluxe version of the game without leaving our site. Here it is:

We haven’t received a single penny from Desura (due to the minimal cache out limitations), but if you bought the deluxe version from them and experiencing any problems with downloading it (right now we see no problems with that), send us a letter, tell your name on Desura, we’ll figure something out.
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Test chamber for everyone (Editor 0.7.0)

As you know, the main goal of Editor 0.7.0 is the ability to create the test chamber with it. It needs Actions’ system and a few stability fixes for that. We are going to publish a detailed article describing how to create the test chamber, too, so that anyone could create their own test chamber!
We estimate to complete it in October.
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Roadmap for 2015-2016

As promised, we have come up with a list of milestones and their approximate dates for the coming year:

  1. Editor 0.7.0 (October 2015) – Actions’ system: we recreate the test chamber
  2. Editor 0.8.0 (December 2015) – Sound system
  3. Editor 0.9.0 (February 2016) – Particles’ system and minimal UI
  4. Editor 0.10.0, Player 0.1.0 (April 2016) – Player to play what Editor produced: we create Shuan prototype with our engine
  5. Editor 0.11.0, Player 0.2.0 (June 2016) – Networking: we create Classic 4-player Mahjong prototype

These approximate dates presume one coder spends 40 hours a month. That’s about 1 work week at full-time job. Not much, but that’s the only time we have.
We will post more details about Editor 0.7.0 shortly: we need to decide what features deserve 80 hours of our time for the next 2 months.

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Editor 0.6.0

We completed Editor 0.6.0. You can see 0.6.0 in action here.
Editor 0.6.0 got the following new features:

  1. Camera and light node positioning
  2. Node rotation along X axis
  3. Node scripting support
  4. Thumbnail dialog to preview models when editing scene node model properties
  5. Node copying and pasting
  6. Node selection by LMB click in the scene
  7. Window geometry and state restoration after restart

We don’t have 0.7.0 completion date at the moment, because we decided to take some time to set up a roadmap for Shuan and Mahjong 2. Once done, we will share 0.7.0 completion date and its feature list along with the roadmap.

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Editor 0.5.0 and plans for 0.6.0

We completed Editor 0.5.0. As it was planned, it has scene node tree editing, property browser, and Qt5 support. You can see 0.5.0 in action here.
Also, we have just started Editor 0.6.0 development.
Editor 0.6.0 planned features:

  1. Camera node editing
  2. Light node editing
  3. Node rotation editing
  4. Node scripting support
  5. Thumbnail dialog to preview materials and models when editing scene node material and model properties
  6. Copying and pasting of scene nodes
  7. Scene node selection by clicking a mouse in the scene

We estimate to complete it in August.

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Editor 0.4.0 and plans for 0.5.0

We completed Editor 0.4.0 in January. As it was planned, it only contains basic abilities to open and save a project. The major goal was to make MJIN, Python and Qt work together (we were unable to use PyQt or PySide due to technical difficulties).
You can see 0.4.0 in action here.
We started Editor 0.5.0 development in February. It’s 45% ready at the moment.
Editor 0.5.0 planned features:

  1. Scene node tree editing
  2. Property browser with nodes’ position and model editing
  3. Qt5 support for the sake of easy building on various Linux distributions

We estimate to complete it in April.

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Seems like we’re fine.

For the last week, we haven’t encountered any site crashes, so it seems, that everything is good.
We’ll tell you about our progress soon.
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Technical difficulties

We have encountered some technical difficulties so site can disappear from time to time, but everything will be ok very soon.
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Our site is moving to another hosting

We’re planning to move our site to another hosting. We hope, you will not notice any problems, but there might be some for a next few days.
UPDATE: If you’re reading this, it means that you are on our new site. It looks just like the old one.
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Editor roadmap for 0.4.0

The development of Editor 0.3.0 showed us, that usage of custom GUI was not a perfect idea. A few months ago, custom GUI seemed as a simpler way to do things, but it turned out to lack many little features, that are crucial if you’re planning to make a convenient tool.
In the end, we decided to do what we wanted to do in the first place – to use Qt library as the GUI library for our editor.
So, we’ll rewrite the Editor with Qt interface and a little bit refreshed project concept in mind. We plan to release the editor with new GUI and a set of basic features like loading and saving projects in May.
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